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Warning: Any money from November's allocation of eLCs not spent by August will be reclaimed.


Add new dimensions to your Roamer by linking it to your PC.

RoamerWorld Software
- for Windows 3.1 and above. Hard disk space: 14 Mb.
Complete Roamer World Graphics Program and Maps 1: Routes and Journeys Roamer World Activities.
Single User Code 1521-150C £29
Up to 5 Users Code 1521-151C £99
Up to 10 Users Code 1521-152C £149
Up to 20 Users Code 1521-153C £199
Up to 50 Users Code 1521-157C £249
50+ Users Code 1521-159C £299

To upgrade from one licence to another you pay the difference. You need an interface to connect Roamer and the computer.

PC Interface
Cable connection to link Roamer to PC. Allows programs to be sent between Roamer and computer.

Code 1521-170C £17.50

Update from just £10

Change from v1 to v2 and a 32-bit environment for RoamerWorld. RoamerWorld single user update.

Code 1521-179C £10.00

"This is exactly what's needed to extend the IT capability in geography."
Anne Jones, Advisory Teacher for IT, St. Helens.

"I believe this is just the introduction to control that primary schools have been waiting for."
Liz Antribus, Head Teacher, Lambeth.

To try out RoamerWorld for yourself simply download a 30 day trial by clicking here.


MathAmigo is an innovative way to support maths teaching from Years 1 to 9. It’s about giving your children the best, in the way that is right for them. It’s about teaching maths the way that suits you – in your own classroom as part of your maths lesson.

"I have found the children are very focused when working with MathAmigo. Most of all, they are very confident with its operation and relaxed when using it."
Barbara Wilkinson, Furze Platt Infant School.

We all know the value ICT imparts to lessons, but a computer room simply isn’t the place to teach maths. The breakthrough Mathamigo brings a big maths system to handheld computers. It lets you embed technology into every maths lesson without moving your class to an ICT suite.


In seconds you can set up personalised programmes of study to meet the needs of each student. MathAmigo offers pupils valuable encouragement. It provides immediate feedback and, in crucial topics, gives tutorial support. Most importantly, it tracks a student’s progress, marks their work and alerts you whenever they start to struggle.


Transferring data to PC-based Mathamigo Manager provides you a range of reporting tools. The easy-to-use formative assessment tool helps you identify a student’s weaknesses. Using the flexible planning system you can create an improvement plan in about 60 seconds.


MathAmigo allows you to bring the technology to every student in every classroom, every day. Compare this with the hardware, licensing and support costs of conventional technology approaches. You’ll be counting the savings.


Currently for use on Palm OS machines, including Dana and Classic MathAmigo. For new platforms, Win CE etc, throughout 2005, please contact Valiant for latest capability.

Palm leads the world in handheld technology. Running MathAmigo on these devices means you can use the system for other educational applications. Using the stylus on the touch sensitive screen provides a slick way of doing MathAmigo Activities.

MathAmigo works with any Palm OS System version 4 and above. This includes Zire, M130, Tungsten. It also works with Sony's Clie' and Handspring's Visor products.

Software licences - please state which year groups when ordering.

1571-25X Single User for a year group. 35.00
1571-25Y 6 User per year group 150.00
1571-25Z 12 User per year group 250.00

Other licencing options are available - please phone Valiant to discuss your school's needs on 020 8673 2233.

For the 'Introducing MathAmigo' demo - click here!
With over 130 core activities per age group on average, plus activities to challenge the best and support the least able and limitless questions, this system represents unrivalled value for money. All activities support your curriculum, whether you're in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland or England.

Coming soon: MathAmigo on Pocket PC, iPaq and other WinCE handhelds. Also versions for laptops and tablet PCs. Contact Valiant for details.

MathAmigo was developed to work with portable technologies. You can move the technology from classroom to classroom. Embedding technology into every maths lesson becomes a practical and economical possibility.

Originally MathAmigo worked from the Classic MathAmigo Handheld device and this is still a popular option. Now it works from any Palm OS 4 and above system. Soon the same software will run on any WinCE handheld computer. MathAmigo delivers maximum pupil benefit via portable ICT. However, to maximise existing school resources MathAmigo will soon also run on conventional computers too.


The original design's child friendly appearance, ruggedness and simple keyboard make it easy to use. Dedicated to maths teaching, this is a cost effective way into handheld technology.


Contains: 5 MathAmigo units, 1 docking and data transfer unit, 1 storage tray, MathAmigo Manager software plus MathAmigo 6 user licence for a year group of your choice. Please state year group when ordering.

Code 1571-200C £499.00

1571-210C Single Classic MathAmigo 95.00
1571-21X 6 user licence for a year group1
To extend the use of the Start-Up pack into other year groups. Please state which year groups when ordering.
1571-125C Docking Unit only needed if you are buying individual MathAmigo units. 50.00
To buy Palm OS

"When I go wrong it helps me."
Infant pupil.


Free sample activities available - click here!

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