PreK-K Teacher: Why Buy?
Many of the things you might do with a puppet or a teddy bear you can do with Roamer. But Roamer is interactive: it “comes” alive. For example in an activity from the PreK-K Curriculum Roamer talks to the children. It tells them it is lost, frightened and does not know who it is. It is a robotic Tamagochi, a mechanical pet that needs their help. The children can use the Disguise Kits to give it an identity and through RoamerWorld a name. The next time they switch Roamer on it says its name and invites them to press its keys and explore what it can do.
You can change what Roamer does, the way it looks and what it says. Roamer activities form a wide range of learning scenarios for the students to explore. It gives them opportunities to develop their personal and social skills. They understand the world through visual, spatial, auditory and kinaesthetic experiences. Roamer encourages students, it affirms their actions; it questions them and stimulates the next steps in their learning journey through the curriculum. Most Roamer activities do not seek right answers, but will encourage children to devise possible solutions. It empowers them to make judgements and encourages the desire to improve.
Roamer is practical and flexible. You can use it in whole class, group or individual sessions. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of the classroom. It works on desktops or floors. The high capacity batteries normally only require charging weekly. The product is child proofed for safety.
 What to Buy
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  Early Years Roamer
  Standard Behavior CD
 General Accessories
  High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries
  Fast Battery Charger
  Computer Interface
 Activity Accessories
  Number Line Mat
  Multi Activity Mat
  Clear Grid 5x5 Mat
  Instruction Cards
  Pen Pack
  Disguise Kits
  Basic RoamerWorld Suite Software
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