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Design Ideas Using Lights

Valiant Roamer Light Pack

The Valiant Light Pack Contains:

  • Two Lamps
  • Two Red LEDs
  • Two Yellow LEDs
  • Two Green LEDs
  • Two Amber LEDs
  • One Flasher Unit
  • Five Suction Pads
  • One Activity Book
LEDs used with Roamer need to be fitted with series resistors to limit the current. All LEDs in the Roamer Light Pack are fitted with these resistors.

Roamer Lamps and LEDs are fitted into plastic housings that enable them to be attached quickly to the Roamer using the suction pads.

The Activity Book suggests several design activities using Lamps and LEDs. It also contains numerous design ideas.

The items supplied with the Light Pack are fitted with colour-coded wires to simplify connecting to the Roamer Control Box.

The Flasher Unit facilitates the flashing of lights while the Roamer is engaged in some action like playing a tune or moving forward. This is not possible using a REPEAT or WAIT command. The Flasher Unit can flash up to two sets of lights in phase or antiphase.

Lights are a simple way to enliven a Roamer character design.

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